mardi 17 mai 2011

Robert Pattinson chante... et moi je plane! (chanson, vidéo et paroles)

C'est en 2010, à l'occasion de l'émission "Songs from a room" que le beau Rob avait poussé la chansonnette.
Et moi je viens de me trouver une connexion directe entre les oreilles et la culotte!





In her eyes, all double stringed and her hands lay softly on the street now
And I do believe that honestly, that I know this is where I want to be right now
There are pictures in her eyes, they’re a threat for the sky
So I wait
And with our souls misunderstood, and our minds they saw a map the way
For how long?
How long?
How long must you take? I was set for that mistake, but you moved.
When there was nothin’ that I could take
It’s all on you, darlin’
You took me when my eyes were turned
It’s all on you, baby
You turned me back when I tried to run
Still I cannot lift my eyes, with your hands are turning mine
But dared not what you said our souls could contain
Could contain
But now I’m gone
With a broken, twisted soul in mine
But for how long?
‘cause I’ve wasted this train of you
Its all on you (x3)
All on you… All on you (x2)
It’s all on you… It’s all on you
All on you

Musique en ligne : la télécharger légalement ICI grâce à Sofarsounds
Vidéo : © Sofarsounds. La visionner ICI
Paroles via @LuciaBoggiano (twitter). Son site BelovedHearts

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